The aim of the brief is to create an app that would make the world a better case. For me, it would be to help phone users move their photos off their phones onto cloud storage. But also, be able to store and organise with other users for long term storage using tags.

A brief overview of the brand.
My brief overview of the brand is that it would be open & would use other cloud storage providers such as mega or Dropbox to store the actual photos themselves the brand I plan to create with just before this app as I believe is best to simply specialise in one thing rather than trying to have multiple or a large load of projects or services at once however in the future I could say creating one main thing just use this as an offshoot such as a cloud storage provider that has more advanced features who knows the brand I would create would just be very simple.

Similar applications to yours
There isn’t really much of an app like this, however, there are some apps that do a very similar job. Foldersync is one example. Which can move photos to cloud storage. However, to move photos, the user has to set up the app. Which often involves selecting which dictionaries to move photos from. Such as a video to cloud storage. This in turn means that not many users want the hassle of trying to set up something to do a very simple job. The other thing with it is it doesn’t actually share photos or anything like that.

To help users share photos, in 2015, Mediafire released an app called Pool.Media fire pool app has photo sharing suggestions based on who’s around you & where you are at. However, the pool would require users to have a media fire account. However, the app does not require users to use any specific cloud storage provider. Therefore, users can stick with their preferred setup for any reason. However, the app does have a similar feature in which there is a feed based on what photos people have uploaded & when. However, mediafire later shut down the pool app due to media fire wanting to focus on their core business which is cloud storage.

The design for parts was created using pencil and paper, before the icons were created in illustrator. The final screenshots were created in Marvelapp, where they can still be accessed, and interacted with below


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